The end of the world changed everything. Hundreds of millions of people gone in an instant. The rest of us scrambling to make sense of it all. Many trying to pick up the pieces.

Then the horrifying revelation that vampires were not only real, but they came crawling back into the world the same day. But that wasn’t all. A lot of things we thought were myth and folk-lore were back too. The vampires were now at top of the food chain, but they weren’t the only things going bump-in-the-night.

Most people were aware of it in a vague sort of way, but I knew for sure. I had seen it, felt it. Hell, I guess in a way I was part of it. Just before it all went down I found out I was different. Not human. I had spent every waking day up until then believing I wasn’t anything special.

The only person who thought I was special was my daughter, Jac. But she was gone now, thanks to the rapture. I just wanted to lay down and die. I had even tried to unsuccessfully, because like I said before, I am different.

So I find myself alone in a world of monsters, surrounded by death and suffering, and I can’t leave it. Not easily at least. I wish I could. The irony of that statement, wish. I wasn’t a vampire, or anything so common. I was different even in a world of monsters, and I didn’t quite know what it meant. I knew I was stronger, could heal faster, and was immune to many things the supernatural world could throw at me.

If the books were right I should have been a complete bad ass, but I couldn’t even figure out how to grant a single solitary wish. I didn’t even own a proper lamp. I just tried learning as I went forward. I fought the vamps any chance I could get; hoping it would teach me more about what I was. It was a big learning curve, but I kept going.

My name is Jakob Cross.

And I am Djinn.