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About Me

Hey there, I’m Erik Brincefield.

This is my blog.

I am a new writer. So new I am still working on my first urban fantasy novel, Cross Walk.

Cross Walk is a story about Jakob Cross, a man who is left behind after the rapture, dealing with the loss of his daughter. As if that weren’t enough, he also has to deal with finding his lost dog, facing scavengers, and increasing vampire attacks.

Once he starts seeing visions of his daughter, he begins fearing for his sanity. When other people begin seeing the same vision, things start spiraling out of control. Jakob is determined to find out what exactly is happening.

When people Jakob knows start turning up murdered, all eyes fall on him.

Jakob needs to catch the killer, find his daughter, and learn what he truly is, before time runs out.

I spend my time increasing my meme skills, teaching my preteen daughter how to be sarcastic & hilarious, and becoming irritated with the annoying little things in life.

I will be posting excerpts as I get them, blog posts about random thoughts on life & the writing process, and updating on my projects.

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